Thursday, July 9, 2009

Help wanted, ask Mama

Today Mojo is 4 weeks old! It seems like it went by in a blink, but at the same time she folded herself into our family so easily our life before her seems blurry. She did not, however, fold herself right into my Mama routine. This may sound strange, but I want to clean my house, I want to cook an actual meal, I want to get the weeds that are taking over outside pulled, I want to get the rest of the diapers sewn. I cannot do them, however, at least not completely or to my satisfaction, because of the gravitational pull of my sweet baby girl. I can get some housework done w/Mojo in the sling, and my husband helps a lot, but I think it's just that I can't do it that makes me want to. I actually got a lot done today, and one unexpected side effect of cloth diapers is I keep my laundry caught up because I am always aware of it. But then Mo wakes up and needs Mama, and I sit in the chair to change/nurse/hold her and do not get up for an hour or two. I love those hours, don't get me wrong, having gone through it once w/Jiji I know how sweet this time is and how quickly it is gone, but then I put her in her bouncy seat or back in the sling and plod along through house work that is slipping steadily out of my ability to keep up. Worse, the Hubs goes back out on the road Monday and I will be on my own again as far as the day to day. It is worth it, the housework will be there when I have time and a year from now I will be remembering sweet baby smiled and coos, not that all my laundry is clean but we are living out of laundry baskets, or that I can't run the vacuum yet until the Dr OK's it, so instead I just pick up dog-hair-dustbunnies when they get really big. At least I am getting really great at blogging while I breastfeed,opens up time to snuggle after diaper change.


Slee said...

Why do you have to have the dr okay vaccuuming?

I have a similar housework issue with Snapdragon. Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't trade his sweet smiles and hand holding for anything. Not even a quarter. But it would be nice to be able to cook and I don't know how often noon arrives and I'm still in my pjs and holding Snapdragon in bed!

Hippie Witch said...

apparently, that and carrying laundry baskets pulls the c/s says in my release stuff not to do till after 6 wk check up.

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