Wednesday, February 20, 2013

and the "war" rages on

I don't get it, and honestly need someone to explain it to me.
I waited until today to watch the Fox News video. There were several things that caused this delay, but the foremost was I just did not really want to see it.
I knew how pissed off I would get and just did not have the strength to deal.

For anyone else who was hanging out under a rock with me until today, here is the piece of crap video that passes for "news" over at Fox.

Let me tell you the specific thing I don't understand.
It's not the intolerance, or even the ignorance. I don't expect such rabid right-wing mouthpieces to actually have any idea about the Pagan faiths. Why would they? I don't expect them to have the knowledge, just to acknowledge that Paganism is a group of religions that has the right to exist.

It is the absolute and overblown attitude that, although these types of "Christians" are the loudest to demand respect, to give respect to any other faith is somehow damaging to their faith. That is what drives me batshit.

I do not understand this, I never have and unless someone provides a good explaination  I never expect to. I have no grasp of this notion. I do not understand why dismissing the faith of others in some way validates your own.

Do not misunderstand, I have no issue with poking a little fun. I personally found the line about liking to burn incense funny, and I am certainly not above poking a little fun at other religions.

I do, however, find it to be a big leap from joking to ridicule. It is also a big leap to holding the position that you hold the only correct position, and so broker no tolerance for the belief or practice of any other faith.

Freedom of religion, not freedom for your religion. Just because you think we're weird, or even wrong, does not grant you the right to decide our holidays are not worthy of observation.

If you want respect, if you really want to end the "war on Christians", maybe you should stop picking fights.

Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again...

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