Saturday, September 29, 2012

Let's focus on the positive

I do have some awesome to share. This morning The Hubs and our little Witchlings are taking a road trip back to Indiana. This grand undertaking is due to the fact that my very best friend since I was 13 is getting married and he and his fiance want me to perform the ceremony. 

Thank gods I got bored one day about 7 years ago and got my ordination from the Universal Life Church. We are all super-excited to get back and see friends and family, and I could not be more honored to join my friend and his beautiful bride in marriage. We are borrowing my Mom's car for the trip, since our van could not make that trip again, and we are going to be staying with my sister. One fun fact, she now lives in the house we moved out of to come to Arizona and I can't wait to see the changes she has made to the place.

Hopefully when we get back The Hubs will have some call backs on the jobs he has applied for and I will be in a better state of mind and spirit to get a little winter garden going and start working on my next book

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Baby Beardie?

Oh, by the way. When I brought the laundry in from the line yesterday, I brought in a hitch hiker.

Rock Bottom

Well, kids, I really fucked things up.
When we came here to Arizona, I was very quickly offered the chance to buy an established grooming salon. Problem being, I had no capital at all and had just a few weeks to move on the deal. I didn't look, I leaped, and three weeks ago I lost the business. The Hubs and I were both working there (he was just last month released from a work related injury from last year) and now we are unemployed and scrambling. My already fragile anxiety issues crippled me, and I have only left the house 3-4 times since then. I can't talk to my friends, and can only handle short talks with my Mom. 

I am a lucky woman that I have The Hubs, who is willing to handle the outside world for me while he looks for a job. I am not yet looking for a job because I can, at this point, only go about 2 hours without a crying jag. So, I'm doing what I can to keep busy and trying to think of how to proceed from here.

I have been crocheting, I opened a Kitsy Lane online boutique, and I published a short novel that maybe needed a little more polish, but I just needed to do something positive. I guess the good news is I have time now to craft, write, and blog again.

So I guess I'm back, for better or for worse.
Blessed Be

Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again...

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