Thursday, July 2, 2009

nursing cover

OK, I am going to have a little rant now! People who think I am sick or rude or lewd to breastfeed my daughter in public are evil. My breasts were made to nourish my baby, and I must say they do a hell of a job. They were made to provide food and comfort to her, and I will damn well whip the girls out to feed her when she is hungry. I will not make her wait, hungry and crying, until we get home. I will not go into the disgusting bathroom and expose her to germs while nursing. If you do not like it, look away, or walk away, even. Your ridiculous outrage at being aware that my breast is fulfilling it's destiny over here is not more important than my baby, and besides that I am covered up. This brings me to part 2 of my rant. Lactivists need to back of me about my nursing cover. I am the first to jump up and defend a mothers right to naturally feed her child in any situation, but I do not see why I have to make myself feel exposed and uncomfortable to prove a point. A.) I am more likely to breastfeed if I am comfortable and do not feel that I am am exhibit. B.) I am fat, and although I have little problem with flashing a nipple here and there, sitting in public with my fat rolls hanging out is not my idea of a good time. C.) I do not believe you win people over to your way of thinking with blunt force. Just as I, as a pagan, do not believe in converting people but being there as a guide to people who seek answers, I think that people do not have to actually SEE my boobs to know I am exercising my basic human right to feed my baby. So, as usual, extremists craziness will continue to feed the justifications of the other side, and I am here in the middle, feeding my baby under a nursing cover not because I am embarassed, but because feeding Mojo is more important than anyone's opinion of how I go about it.

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