Monday, July 20, 2009

Quick check in

I just wanted to check in for the Body After Baby challenge I signed up for on the MamaNotes blog quickly. Slow and steady is working, at least so far. I have had no seconds at meals, eaten first helpings on smaller plates, and have tried to not get crazy about just getting fast food when I don't feel like cooking. I have done OK with the not drinking so much pop, and have walked around the park when the kids were playing. I took Jiji to the Dr today and hopped on their scale, which I am glad to say said 273.5! This means my home scale is off by about 3lbs, but that is still a loss of 5lbs in a week! Yay me! Now I have had a looooong day, and am gonna go have one more glass of water and put the baby to bed...maybe she will even sleep tonite! Good luck to the others on the challenge, and I will try to be more in depth next week!

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