Monday, July 13, 2009

Getting started

I have been trying all day to blog. I pulled up the Blogger Dashboard about 9a.m.ish and it has been sitting here waiting on me, because I have not put the baby down since Saturday for any longer than to pee, and I have worn her in the sling to the bathroom a lot. My dad came down to hold her while I took a shower, and she still screamed through my very short shower. She is in the bouncy seat right now, for the 1st time since Saturday afternoon, being quiet and calm, so I am taking the chance to blog about starting Body After Baby Challenge today. I have not gotten a chance to weigh myself today, but on Saturday when I sent my before pic and info to Mama Notes I was 281. I just went to the site and there are a lot of people signed up! Go Red Team! If you are interested go to Mama Notes or hit the button below. That is my before pic to the left. This challenge is from now till Labor Day, so it is a short term goal for me. I have 100lbs to lose at least and I am expecting it to take at least a year, but my goal here is to lose 10lbs and get started on good life habits on my way to the ultimate goal. I drink a lot of water, but I drink a lot of soda too (for those of you who live in my area I need a lot less Ricker Pops!) and I want to cut that down to 2 RP's a week. Also, I have been doing a good job of not having seconds at meals and want to keep that up. I also want to start walking more, and when I get the OK from the Dr I have several dance-type workout videos I want to do, especially my belly dance videos which I love to do, and I want to start back on yoga. Having a lot of choices keeps me from burning out and getting bored. I am trying to start small. In the past when I have tried to lose weight I have always jumped in the deep end, then quit when I got overwhelmed. This time I am hoping slow and steady will win the race. So here I go, a little fat tortise hoping to win the race, and not let my hare tendencies blow my chances. I want things NOW, and this is not something I can rush and hope to get and keep. So now I am going to go do some housework before Mo wakes up, and tonight when it cools down I will put her in the sling and go for a walk with my girls!

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