Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gainfully employed!

I am VERY excited tonight! I stopped by the pet shop here in town to buy Advantage for my dogs and got talking to the owner. I used to work there as both a groomer and a clerk. We talked for a few minutes as she rang me up, and I mentioned that I was pretty much recovered from the baby and to call me if she needed help or me to fill in sometime. The sentence was barely out of my mouth when she was asking when I could go on the schedule! One of her groomers just went on maternity leave, and even when she comes back neither of the groomers like to work Saturday or Monday. So, I jumped on it, I love being a SAHM but need to get out of my house and be a grown up every once in a while. Two days a week is perfect! Just enough to give me something out of the house to do and make an extra $100-$200 a week that we could sorely use. The girls can stay with family or (hopefully) friends on Sat.s and will go to my sister's mother-in-law on Mon.s Plus I just really like grooming...and have missed it. I have only groomed my poodle and a friends shih-tzus in the last year or so and I just flat miss grooming. I was so happy when I came home I went through all my equipment and got it ready like a kid before the 1st day back to school. It was kinda funny, and the Hubs was making fun of me a little, but he is glad to because he knows I get a little stir crazy when I am home all the time. This is what I hoped for, maybe a little down the road but the chance is here now so who am I to complain. I like to work and, if I do say so myself am a really good groomer, and like to have something I do for me. It is important for the Hubs and I that I be home with the kids, but that does not have to mean every single second of every day, in my opinion. I know from experience that for me personally I need to keep it down to 2 days, three at the most, to still get everything done at home as far as homeschooling and stuff. Any more and I am just playing catch-up and I get stressed out and sick. So, as of this Saturday I will return to the work force, part time though it may be...I better get busy pumping breast milk!

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Anonymous said...

Yay for you! So glad that everything is falling right in place.

Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again...

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