Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Serena Update, this is strange

I posted last night for Reiki and prayers for a missing 10 yr old girl, who was thankfully found late last evening. In a bizarre twist of events, my local news is today reporting that the girl's great-grandmother was reported missing at 2am Wednesday. Here is the story from the WTHR website...
TIPTON - Police have found a 10-year-old Tipton girl who went missing Tuesday evening.
Police say she was taken by a man she describes as "tall," white, about 40 years old and thin with short brown hair. He was wearing a gray T-shirt and gray shorts. He was wearing Nike tennis shoes.
Police quote the child as saying the man drove a newer, smaller silver four-door car. She told them the pair "drove around" from the time of her disappearance until she was dropped off at the Wendy's restaurant at 151st and U. S. 31 in Westfield.
She was found by Westfield police just before 11:00pm.
Tipton police had mobilized a broad search in her hometown and countywide, even using the Hamilton County sheriff's department's bloodhound search team.
Neighbors stood on street corners handing out homemade flyers with Serena Weicht's photo. Some students heading out the flyers cried when they learned she was safe and sound.
Just before 2 o'clock Wednesday morning, Noblesville police reported Weicht's great grandmother was missing. They report they were called to 74-year-old Dorothy M. Heard's Noblesville home Tuesday afternoon. At that time, they say, they were told by family members that she had been missing since Monday evening.
Family members say disappearance is uncharacteristic of Ms. Heard. They say her car was left at her home.
Dorothy Heard is a white female, 5'2' tall, weighing 137 pounds. She has gray hair and blue eyes.
Anyone with information regarding the disappearance of Ms. Heard is urged to contact the Noblesville Police Department at (317) 776-6371.
The police agencies involved are saying that the two cases seem unrelated, other than the girl and the woman being family. I will be including this on my Reiki list tomorrow. This story was on fire on my Facebook network last night, and I know Tipton as a community mobilized instantly to find this child, and is still wondering where Dorothy is. I will post another update as this develops.

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