Friday, June 10, 2011

Home School Round-up 6/10/11

So we finished up our 180 days the end of May, and are taking June to relax, regroup, and goof off. Well, I guess that's relative. Jilly is goofing off, Mama is scouring the webternets to get the materials together and start the new school year in July. We have a great Family Tree project I downloaded FREE from CurrClick and I have several other projects I downloaded for the future. They have a lot of cheap and free books and projects for all grade levels. There are, as expected if you have spent any time cruising for homeschool materials, a lot of Bible based materials, but much more secular stuff. The only issue is I used up all my ink printing the Family Tree project, and have to go get some more to print the other projects! I have most of the summer mapped out, as much as I ever do. We are "structured unschoolers" and so I mostly plan one project a week and we do what Ladybug wants to do the rest of the week. Speaking of Bug, she has been busy teaching her baby sister, Mojo (who is turning 2 tomorrow!) to count! I have heard them get up to 13 before Mojo loses interest, and she can count on her fingers to 5 on her own. I have been telling Bug she will be one of her baby sisters greatest teachers, and she apparently took that right to heart. Although we will not be schooling for the next few weeks, I will keep you posted on anything I find in my preparation.

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greekwitch said...

That is so sweet! And i believe it is impressive for a 2 year old to count to 5!
Brightest blessings!

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