Friday, June 17, 2011

Dry Erase Crayons FTW!

We are still on 'Summer Vacation' but when I bought supplies a few weeks ago we got some Dry Erase crayons. I had never seen them before, and they were kind of an impulse.
We do a lot of Ladybugs schoolwork on Dry Erase boards. We have the 'workbook' type ones, blank ones, and ones with lines for writing. I even found a cool one that's clear with a removable back so I can put workbook pages in it and reuse them. Dry Erase boards are my friends, Dry Erase markers are not. They get left out without caps and dry up. Mojo likes to draw on the furniture with them. they don't work as well on a vertical surface, like the peel and stick board on the fridge. 
The crayons (the kind we got are Crayola) are smooth, bright, and erase easily. They have the same issue as the markers in that if you wait a while they get harder to erase, but just color over the old writing and then erase.
I'm really glad I bought them, not just because I think we will use the hell out of them, but because when I went on the Crayola site to find out more about them for this post I saw that Crayola has lesson plans on their site. So not only do I have new awesome stuff, I have new awesome resource for home school lesson plans!! The projects I looked at were really cute. Ladybug really likes creative, visual projects, so I think this will be a good match for out schoolwork. There was one for a diorama of Amish quilters that we will probably be making after our next trip to Northern Indiana.

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