Thursday, June 2, 2011

Little Lady

The Hubs went back to work a little over a month ago, that's when and why we "switched back" and I am now at home working, housekeeping, gardening and homeschooling. The Hubs really likes the job which is basically pulling metal out of construction and mining debris to be recycled. Much to the girls delight, he brings home "pretties", rocks and cool pieces of metal. I spent some time today looking up geology curriculum for the Ladybug so she can identify the rocks, minerals, and metals he brings home. I have gotten some "pretties" as well, but none I love as much as this.
He saw her going down the belt and chased her down, almost knocking down his supervisor. I love him for doing that. She is pretty perfect, silver and black, cradling her womb where life stirs. 
I have lots and lots of cool stuff, as far as my faith is concerned. I have even blogged about the plethora of altars in and around our home. Lots of blessed tools, statues, stones, pentacles, wands, cloaks, and athames, but this is now my favorite piece of  pagan paraphernalia. 
Above the fact it is so completely awesome that some melted nickel happened to find it's way in this shape and then rolled happily past my hard working Hubs to be plucked out and placed in my hand, she reminds me of a simple truth: I don't need any of my cool stuff! Don't get me wrong, I like stuff, a lot. I have my pagan paraphernalia and tools spread all through the house in cabinets, on altars and shrines, even outside in the yard, but I know I don't really need it.  Because my Path weaves my faith and practice into my everyday life, all that stuff rarely even gets used, except maybe Sabbats or High Ritual. My faith is more spread through the the day like salt in cooking. Not too fancy, but it doesn't taste right without it. You still might get fancy, add in layers and fixings, but you leave the salt. I will continue to have cool stuff, and to make cool stuff ,  and to use it, but I have nestled that speckled little piece of metal onto my kitchen shrine, and into my heart, sent by my Lady and given in love by my beloved.


Mother's Moon's Message said...

what a precious little gift... I am glad you were able to get her.

Anonymous said...

We have much in common my friend. I too have many many altars around my house yet am a very uncomplicated Witch. Every breath I take is sacred and every act I do is sacred.

Beautiful Goddess you have there, and what a sweet man to bring her home to you.

Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again...

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