Thursday, June 23, 2011

Camp Chesterfield turns 125!

This past weekend was the 125th Opening Day of Camp Chesterfield Spiritualist Center of Light. There were activities all weekend, but I only got to attend the All Message service on Sunday afternoon, due to scheduling and the price of gas! However, Sunday after making the Hubs his favorite Sunday brunch (french toast and maple sausage) I headed over to Chesterfield and rolled on to the grounds of the Camp to a light drizzle.
That did not keep me from taking a short walk around the grounds. It is truly a deeply peaceful and spiritual place. 
I walked down the stone path to the Garden of Prayer grotto, which although it is a shrine to Jesus Christ, I have always been drawn to.

then on to the Trail of Religion, which has busts of gods and icons from several pantheons, including Buddhism, Tao, and Greek.
and then through the grounds at large...

to the Mary shrine, which again I love. I consider her a Mother God, as those in the Spiritualist Camp do.
then back to the Chapel

Then I went in for the service, and was gifted a Healing stone from Rev. Wahna  Irvine featuring "Grandmother Spider" who is weaving a healing web around me!
After the service, which always amazes me, and I wish I could get over there more often, I went over to the Labyrinth, which is a new addition to the Camp, but I have walked it everytime I have gone since they installed it, and that meditation only compounded the message of healing I received from Rev. Wahna.

I am so glad I could participate in the Opening Weekend of Camp Chesterfield this historic year, and maybe this year I will actually sign up for the classes I have been talking about for years!

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