Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This time of year everyone seems to be upset by the snow. Consider me the odd one. I love the snow. I hate the cold. Go figure. But the snow to me is just a wake up call to erase things.
This time of year I go outside a lot. I enjoy walking in the woods and parks. It really is beautiful. A bit bright, but beautiful non the less. :)
I take this time of year and the snow to remember that a new year is starting. I try and let all my stress and negativity to go out in the snow. I leave it there. So that when spring comes and the snow melts it takes all of that with it back into the earth. It grounds me. It also helps with the realization that the new is just around the corner. That this year I am starting with a clean slate.
For most the holidays are both fun and stressful. I look to the spring as the coming of new powerful festivals that will enrich throughout the coming year. So leaving the stress behind in the snow just makes sense.
I wish you all a great year ahead in whatever you do. And remember life is what you make of it.


Hippie Witch said...

That is something I will be trying. I tend to hate snow, so I will love looking at it as a useful tool!

Rue said...

A great attitude toward the White Stuff! It really is good for the Earth too, which I tend to forget when I'm grumbling about shoveling it!

Bridgett said...

What a fantastic idea!

Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again...

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