Thursday, January 14, 2010

Reiki Thursday

Time for Reiki Thursday!
Please, please send Reiki to Haiti, either on your own or by joining in this Reiki share! I have the people of Haiti and those who have gone to help that devastated nation on my Reiki grid sending constant energy and Reiki, and would like to coordinate and effort to send healing to Haiti. I will try to post more information later, but for now if you would like to send Reiki and healing through my grid, please follow these instructions.

Please sit comfortably and quiet your mind. Focus on your breathing, and once you feel calm become aware of the energy in your body as a white or blue shell around yourself. Focus the energy into your hands, and see this energy as a rosy healing light. When you feel ready, send the energy out with intention to flow into and through the Hippie Witch Reiki grid. Focus on the picture of the grid if it helps you. Intend that the energy be gathered there and sent out with love to those in need of healing in Haiti. You may wish to end with a prayer.

The grid is designed to send a constant stream of healing to those in need, and I use it daily as a focus for my Reiki practices. I am opening the grid up for Reiki share because I believe it is the best way to coordinate sending healing for this disaster in Haiti. I thank you all for participation, and please direct your friends here to add their energy, prayers, and healing as well.
Brightest Blessings!

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Bridgett said...

I shall do this. Thank you!

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