Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dolly:Refashion style!

For quite some time I have been wanting to use my meager but growing sewing skills to make a doll. Yesterday morning I found an easy (laugh!) pattern in that it was only 2 pieces. Most of my doll projects have been abandoned for the fact they have a lot of tiny pieces to be sewn together or jointed or what have you. So I printed out the pattern, taped it together and transferred to a paper grocery bag and sliced up a pair of torn khaki pants that have been laying around since summer waiting to be refashioned into something.

I cut out my 2 dolly sides and slapped it on the sewing machine. I got it sewn up in about 10 min...problem was I did it watching Days of our lives during lunch break and sewed her little ears to the inside! Luckily I could run next door for sewing advice and she helped me do a little alteration to return dollys ears. I then used colores pencils to draw a face on each side of the head, one awake and one asleep. The little hat covers the face not forward, to you can just turn her clothes and hat back and forth for sleepy time or play time! Neat, huh? At this point, there was a 3 hour delay in doll production while I waited for H.H. to return with supplies he stopped at Hobby Lobby for after his job interview. Sadly, like everything else, the nearest craft store is 30 minutes away! Once I had the necessary items I stuffed her, ties the ribbons on her 'joints' at the legs, arm, and neck, then popped her hair in and closed up the head. We dressed her up in Mojo's outgrown jammies, cloth diaper, and hat. Her name is Melodie, and Jillian has not yet put her down! Now I just need to raid my closet for more fabric and make one for Mojo!


inannasstar said...

How adorable, and the look on your daughter's face says it all.

GreenWheel said...

Awesome! Mom Made dollies are the best. My mom made me a few when I was growing up before she had to make the switch from housewife to working mom.

Bridgett said...

Precious! That is something your daughter can keep forever. Very sweet. And she looks great too!


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