Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I regret to inform you all, that beautiful Bulldog I posted pics of yesterday will not be joining our family after all. Unknown to us and her owner, she is terribly dog aggressive, and after several incidents yesterday (one ending up with me almost breaking my wrist pulling her off my poodle) we have decided Sadie will not be a good fit in a home where so many dogs will be passing through. Luckily, her former owner had a back-up plan and we will be taking her directly to her new person, a friend of the former owner, this afternoon. The back-up plan to that is calling Bulldog Rescue. My entire family is heartbroken by this, as she is great with our kids and we all fell into instant love with her, but we have to do what is best for her and safest for the dogs in my care as a groomer. I cannot risk those dogs being injured, and she cannot live locked away for their protection.  The home she is going to she will be an only dog, and will be able to visit her former owner and her kids alot. I appreceate all of the awesome comments I got about her, and even though she was only ours for 2 days, she was part of our family and will be sorely missed.


Stuff On My Blog said...

Oh how sad :( Glad you managed to get the dogs separated and hope your wrist feels better soon!

Rue said...

You have to keep your family safe too - and that includes your pets. It sounds like she will have a good home and will be happier being an only-dog. I'm sure it's hard, but you are both better off. Good for you for doing the right thing.

Bridgett said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. :(
I love's a shame you couldn't keep her. But you know what? It's probably for the best.


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