Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I have never canned anything, and have only even seen it done once. We planted cucumbers with the idea of beginning my canning career with pickles. Saturday night when we got back from Minnetrista (photos coming soon but my laptop is in for service and for once I used my camera not my phone) we walked back to the garden for the first time in about two weeks to find maybe 15 pounds of cucumbers, a few yellow squash, a zucchini,  and carrots.

We brought everything in as it got dark, and Sunday evening I dove into my canning maiden voyage. I now have 3 jars of frigde pickles and 5 that I processed. All of the five sealed correctly, and I'm feeling not so intimitated and mystified byhe whole canning process.

Hopefully they turn out tasty, because it does not appear my cucumber vines are done producing. My loved ones may be getting jars of pickles with their crocheted gifts for Yule this year! Now I'm off to make zucchini bread.

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