Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not-So-Random Kindness

This Friday evening the Hubs and I had a hot date! You may have seen the post HERE about our awesome movie night. Well that awesome evening was made possible by a very awesome lady who we have know for several years now. I have groomed her dogs for a while now, she became my client because the other groomer I worked with at the time thought she was "too weird". She was a little high maintenance, but very nice with the sweetest dog so she quickly became my regular then a customer at my home salon.
She works at the grocery near our house, so I see her often. She even had the first home show for my direct sales jewelry business. She began to call us if she needed anything, even calling us to take her to and from the ER when her own adult children could not be bothered.
Over the last few months her hours at work have been cut, and I offered to groom her now two dogs in exchange for baby sitting, hence free sitter for our big night. The next day, she called and asked the Hubs to come outside and meet her. She pulled up, then handed the Hubs three loaded bags of food, including lots of frozen meat, and told him to take it inside then come back out so she could take him to buy milk and bread. I don't know how she knew, but at the time we had $20 to get through five days, unless the salon phone started ringing. It did ring, but boy did we feel better with a back-up plan!
I loved her before, and am so moved by her kindness. I had been feeling pretty down and wallowing in self pity for a bit, and she reminded me that the Goddess puts people in our lives because they have something to give us. I was not just given a few days worth of food, although of helped more than I can say, but a reminder I am not alone, and help comes even when I am too bitchy or proud to ask for it. She is now at the top of the Prayer Shawl list, and I have plenty of positive energy to put in it for her.

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