Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Message 7/18/11

I think this reading is mostly directed at me, but I'll pass it along. Some of you might need the same kick in the pants!
The Pook, Gloominus Doom, and the Payment all inverted.
You need to work on this, right now. Because your problem is your perspective, and you are letting it pull you under. Yes, you give too much, do too much, are too many things to too many people, but that makes it your responsibility to keep some back for yourself. If you are waiting for someone to notice you are killing yourself to do all you do, you will find only frustration. Give to others because it gives you meaning. Give to yourself because it gives you joy. Do what you must, but always keep enough of yourself back to stay centered at the core, instead of scraping away at yourself until you are paper thin and hoping someone else builds you back up. Ask for help when you need it, instead of hoping someone will come when you finally break down. Love yourself at least as much as you love those important to you.
I'll give it a try if you will...

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