Friday, December 11, 2009

Lucky Dog

Next Thursday I will be going before the zoning board here in town to hopefully be granted a variance to run a dog grooming shop out of my house. I have been grooming dogs for almost 12 years now, but have always worked for someone else. Owning my own business has been a dream of mine for most of that time, and I finally decided to stop wishing and start acting. Lucky Dog Grooming will open it's doors right after Christmas, and is the gift I am giving myself this year. I am so excited about it, since I will be running it out of my home, because it will allow me to provide an income for my family doing what I love while being here at home with my children the majority of the time. Even when they go to 'daycare' they will be across the yard at the neighbors who are so awesome and homeschool so can sit Jiji down next to their kids to do her schoolwork! My dining room had been transformed into a grooming shop, the tub is sitting waiting to be installed, and as of this morning my sign is on the front door. I am excited, scared, but ready to rock. Please send me positive energy and prayers on Thursday the 17th for me to be granted my variance. Lucky Dog is me building my future, and I know if I get the chance I can grow it into something fantastic!


Anastasia said...

How exciting for you! I will send you some positive energy that everything will go the way you want it to.

Good Luck in your venture.

Rue said...

This is a wonderful thing! I am such a firm believer in working for yourself (if that's your desire!) Wishing you every good thing and much success at your new business!

Jenna Gayle said...

Awesome!! I was wondering what the business was going to be. I'll keep you at the top of my thoughts!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Bridgett said...

That is AWESOME!!
Good for you. And I love the name of your shop too.

Good luck!


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