Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Groomers Aprentice

T-minus 3 days till my zoning hearing...getting excited! We are set up and ready to rock-out some doggies. Part of the plan for Lucky Dog Grooming is to have the Hubs (H.H.) be more and more involved in the business as I get more and more clients being a bather, answering the phone, wrangling the kids,and generally being my shop-boy. Eventually we hope, somewhere down the line, to both be working full time for ourselves grooming dogs. This means something both thrilling and terrifying...my husband will have to learn to groom and I will have to teach him. Gulp! Luckily I have a poodle for him to practice on, but this means I have to give my pampered little prince Bruno over to him for grooming. Double gulp! As I am typing in this blog entry I am observing him cutting down the awesome Chicago Dutch trim I had on Bruno into a simple lamb clip he can maintain and practice on while he learns. Although Bruno is a very handsome boy and looks good in any style of groom (and I have had many on him, I got him specifically to be the groomer version of a doll to dress up) it is hard to hand him over to a grooming n00b and not just jump over and fix it myself. This is why I don't let owners stay and watch the grooming. It is torture, and all Bruno wants to do jump off the table and get to me! At least H.H. was raised by a hairdresser, like myself, so it is not a completely foreign world of clippers and scissors. He really is picking it up pretty easily, and Bru is looking pretty great for a first grooming job. Although I did have to resort to walking off several times, then come back and check his progress, I was pleasantly surprised each time, and only had to 'tweak' things a little bit. All in all I am a proud teacher, a proud dog owner, and a proud wife!

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