Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hi all i'm the H.H.

H W  got me into blogging ... she has turned me into the dark side!  lol .  As she has said I've been turned on to the chicken idea  due to the neighbors being on vacation, it reminds me of when I had a duck when I was little. She also is teaching me how to groom dogs, what a trip... at least I have some idea of what I am doing as well as an Awesome teacher can't wait to get rolling on the business.  On a side note,  today we had our most snow so far, about 2 inches. I took  Jiji out sledding for her first time.  She had a blast!  I'll be putting up a short video later . HW has sooooo turned me around  I used to never cook or bake, well today we're gonna make cookies and stuff  and I am excited about it !!! I'll add more as I can , Blessed Be

                                                                                                                                             H H


Anonymous said...

That sounds awesome. I am glad you are learning to enjoy domesticity too. It can be cool. :)

Rue said...

Nice to meet you HH - enjoy the baking - the rewards are yummy!

Oh, and you'll love the chickens too!

Bridgett said...

Sounds like a blissful time to me! :D

BTW, I love the name Jiji. How cute!


Hippie Witch said...

That girl has so many nicknames! Jilly, Ladybug, Jilly-Bean. But Jiji is my personal favorite since it's what I call her.

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