Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reiki Thursday

Welcome back to Reiki Thursday! Please leave your name, general location, and need in the comments to be added to the healing list.

I am in an especially prayerful mood today, so I invite you all to pray for those on my list at the moment. Remember you get back what you put out, so send out love joyfully and you will get it back in abundance.

Brandi in Indianapolis
Lady Rose
Mojo (getting 1st vax today...poor baby!)
Hippie Witch (who will be holding Mojo during shots, hard on a Mama)

I am using the prayer below, but please pray in your own way, no matter the name you call god, or just think about those listed here and wish good things for them. It does not have to be fancy or long, just intended. Namaste

O Divine
I send energy joyfully and with love out into the universe. May it go where it is needed to heal, to comfort those who wish to receive it. I throw blessings onto the wind like the seeds of a flower and know they will grow where they land. Blessed Be.

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