Friday, August 7, 2009

clean house, the H.W. way

This week I really got back on my 'routine' for housecleaning. I have found, through trial and error (mostly error) I need a routine for cleaning or I look up one day and the mess is just closing in on me. The routine I have worked out at this point is to hit a certain area of the house hard each weekday, like Tuesday is the kitchen, for instance, and just spend about 15 minutes of 'maintenance' on the other areas. In general, I try every day to do 1 load of laundry, 1 load dishes, both dried and put away, diaper laundry and a 'zamboni' on the house in general which is what I call a quick surface clean. So my house is looking pretty good right now, not perfect because, lets face it I have an infant and a 4 yr old, but pretty good, and as I was admiring the fact I would not be embarrassed if someone dropped in for a visit I realized I did all my cleaning chemical-free. I have been working toward that for a long time now, and I guess I just realized I am there. Besides dish soap and some old SOS pads for my pans I cleaned the house top to bottom with cleaning products I made, or just plain old vinegar, washing soda, and borax. The laundry soap I made has been fantastic, even doing great on the cloth diapers, and I am just now making a second batch. I cleaned the wood floors yesterday with vinegar and vegetable oil. This I was a little nervous about but decided to give it a try. it worked very well, floors are clean and shiny but not greasy like I feared they would be. Although they were slick for a few hours and the Hubs slid and fell wearing socks on them last night. Bathrooms were scrubbed with washing soda and I dusted with a microfiber cloth. I have even managed to break my long standing Fabreeze addiction because the house smells clean, not chemical, and I use a lot of vinegar which kills odors. If it can keep the diaper pail from stinking you know it works. A win all around, since it is cheap to be natural as far as cleaning goes. Now I just need to get back on the ball outside...the weeds are winning.

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