Monday, August 3, 2009

The thing with the ring

So...I just got my wedding ring back this morning. The Hubs found it on the floor just under the edge of the bed. It had been missing for three days because it fell off in my sleep and apparently got tossed under there when I stripped the bed to wash the sheet and quilt again because Mojo peed on them, again. Why is this important, you may be asking? Because it fell off my hand in my sleep, that is how much weight I am losing. I have been wearing that ring for coming up on seven years and it has never come off before of it's own accord. I can take some credit for this phenomenon. I have cut down on the pop and upped the water, (which has also helped the breastfeeding issues I was starting to worry about along w/fenugreek. but that's another post) and have been really good about not having bad for me stuff around the house. If it is not here, I won't eat it because it is too big of a hassle to load up the kids and go get it. If I really have to have it, we walk to the store. I have eaten less at meals, eaten slowly so I know I'm full, and waited 30 minutes before getting seconds so that at that point I really don't want it anymore. I have not been walking, just a little up and down the road through the park when I have taken the girls over there, not like I should be. My neighbor and I have discussed a nightly walk and hopefully that will motivate that area.
Unfortunately, the greatest part of the credit for being down to 7lbs under pre preg weight is the Colic diet. What is the colic diet? Well, you can't eat past 3pm except on weekends when my husband is home to hold the inconsolably crying baby, and the rest of your meals earlier in the day you don't finish because you have to take care of the 4yr old who has to take a back seat to a crying baby all night. I love my daughters, and would not change one thing about either of them, but PPD+Colic+truck driver husband may soon=nut hatch. At least I will look good, because food, which has always been my comfort else I would not be excited about being down to 269lbs, does not really have my interest at the moment. I don't want to shop, I don't want to cook, I don't want fast food, although I still resort to it way too often when Mo is really worked up and Jiji is begging for chicken fries. I know this is a symptom of my depression and not really a good thing...but my ring just FELL RIGHT OFF! I have been fat since I was about 8, that is big news. I am taking steps. I am medicated, I have a network of non-judgemental people to call when I have some crazed thought, and for me, the 2 days a week I am working now are the best medicine because I love grooming and am proud of my talent for it.
I have chosen to see this as a good thing, that in my hours of need I am not falling on bad habits and consoling myself w/a gallon of ice cream. I try in my life to see the positive and look for the good. Good is hard to come by, so I will take it where I can get it. I am trying to establish good habits, and the best one is to be positive, move forward, and be in the moment. This moment, I feel good, am counting my blessings, and just keep spinning my loose wedding band around my finger.


S.J. said...

Congrats on the 7 lbs.! If you want to come over and sew this week, let me know. I have an adult pajama pants and a kid pajama pattern that would be an easy sew if you want something to do. The kids can have a snack and run around the house or watch a movie while we're domestic engineering.

Baby Signs(R) With Elizabeth ICI, INC. said...

That is awesome! That positive energy will only result in more great things.

I keep waiting for my ring to loosen up :)

Chanda said...

You're doing great with your weight loss! Keep it up!

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