Monday, August 17, 2009

Lemon All-Shook-Up

I am declareing this week a sucess. I in no way resisted the fair food, don't get me wrong, just check out the last post, but I broke even as far as weight. Need to check out Mama Notes to see if the rest of the Red Team fared better. Given the amount of lemon shake-ups and cheesecake on a stick I consumed, I call it a win that I did not gain 5 pounds! As the picture demonstrates, it was ridiculously close, and I am a weak, weak woman when it comes to fair food. The picture is taken from my back yard over the neighbors fence, all I had to do was cut through their gate and bam, sugary and/or deep-fried awesomeness. Already back on the wagon. Water instead of shake-ups, fruit instead of elephant ears. Moving on!


mrsb said...

Sometimes you have to indulge a bit - as long as you do it with a big of restraint :O)

Baby Signs(R) With Elizabeth ICI, INC. said...

What person in their right mind could resist an elephant ear? Hehehe, not me... Way to break even :)

Chanda said...

I hear you about fair food. Funnel Cakes are my downfall. Thank goodness there's not a fair in my backyard!
And hey you didn't gain, that's a good thing!

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