Friday, April 19, 2013

Prayers for Elwood, IN

I know there is a lot of crazy going around out country this week, but I would like to make a personal request. My sister and many good friends still live in Elwood and are reliving a nightmare that has, unfortunately, happened before.

Please pray for my hometown of Elwood, Indiana which is flooded. The area received 5+ inches of rain in 24 hrs and then the weather turned cold and windy, making rescue efforts even harder.
This shot is looking down at my old neighborhood, and the house I grew up in. My sister lives there now and had to turn off the furnace despite the cold last night when the water reached the duct work under the house.
This is the front yard,a big difference from the pic of it I posted when we lived there!

And she took a video of the back yard, here is the before from 2011

The rest of town isn't doing so hot either

So I thank you for taking a moment to give a thought to my tiny little hometown!

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