Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pampered Chicken Salad

A little Kitchen Witchery today. I have been making an effort to get myself back on track, in every area of my life. My Path has suffered from our time in The Vardo, simply because I like to have altars everywhere, and I don't really have one here at all. So, I have been working on prayers and blessings to use and keep my mind in a spiritual place.

I was thinking of this as I made lunch today, and realized that I was not utilizing my best tool for Everyday Magick. I need to get back into Kitchen Witchery. I feed my family, and I should use that opportunity to feed our souls.

So, I took a moment and thought Magickally about how I wanted to make the dish. What do I need right now, in this moment, and how can I use this food to put that intention into the Universe?

Here is the end result. I skewed this toward loving and pampering myself and my family. I am not one for measuring, I just tend to throw things in the mix, so adjust your amounts as you see fit

1 rotisserie chicken, shredded (or about 2-3 cups of chicken) 
3 small avacado, diced (Avacado represents luxury, beauty, and love)
1 green onion, diced (onion for protection and healing)
1/2 cup cherry tomatoes (to center and bring love into your heart)
1/2-3/4 cup mayo or plain yogurt
1/4 cup mustard (for protection and to help love be fertile)
salt and pepper to taste. (The chicken I used was seasoned, so I did not add any)
Mix together (I took it a step further here and used a blue spoon, and then served it on blue dishes for peace and calm)
Let sit in the fridge for an hour to let the mixture meld, then serve.

It was super yummy, and made me feel awesome that I took the first steps back toward one of my favorite Magickal practices!

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