Thursday, April 25, 2013

I don't wear a lot of jewelry Most days, it's just my wedding band, the silver Russian wedding ring that I bought myself at 14 and have worn on my middle right finger ever since, and my necklace

My necklace is something that has evolved over time, and I'm sure will continue to do so. It's something my Mom does, and something that has become meaningful to both of us. We each have a long, silver chain, 24-28 inches, and we fill it up with pendants. Like a charm necklace, instead of a bracelet. My Mom's is heavy with charms and pendants, and she can tell you a story about each and every one. The latest edition is a piece of Bisbee turquoise someone gave her out of the blue, which she asked me to wire wrap for her. She has little crosses, charms, and pendants in  jumbled nest, dripping with memories

Mine is not so cool, yet. I have an amethyst, tanzenite, and diamond dragonfly the Hubs got me, and a ladybug and bee for the girls. I am on the lookout for a frog charm for my stepdaughter. I have a silver pendant made from an antique spoon Mom got me at an art fair, and finally, my pentacle. I take it off at night and hang it close to the bed, and every morning when I slip it over my head, I say a prayer or blessing for my day. 

It's a simple act, but very profound to me lately. If nothing else, I started my day in a place of mindful gratitude and blessing, and I am reminded of this when I take it off at night. That's two solid moments of Magick each and every day. If nothing else, it lets me be reminded that I walk with Goddesses.

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