Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Karate Bug

So, about a month ago we signed our Jilly-Bug up for karate. She had gone with a friend to Buddy Day at the studio in town and fallen in love with it. Keep in mind, she has been telling us for years that she has "karate skills". This proclamation is always followed by a volley of kicks and flailing of arms that is reminiscent of someone who has just walked into a spider web.
A few days later, we received a postcard from the studio offering half off a 3 class trial and a free uniform. We signed up for the 3 classes, and she really did well. You could see her enthusiasm, as well as her rapt attention to the instructors. We signed her up as a full student.
In the last month, she had worked her tiny butt off and earned her 1st tip. I have learned that she needs 2 tips before she can test for her yellow belt, which should be in July.
So this makes me hope we can put Mojo in the "Little Dragons" class when she turns four. If I knew I had a babysitter to take them too, I would take the adult classes. Until then, three cheers for Jilly!
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greekwitch said...

She is sooo cute in that uniform!

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