Thursday, October 4, 2012

Back home again in Indiana?

Our trip from Arizona back east to Indiana was long, tiring, but beautiful. We drove through southern New Mexico the first day, through gorgeous mountain passes and vast pine forests to Roswell. We would have made better time if we had gone on but after supper we decided to stay the night there. I'm happy to report we were not abducted by aliens...that we can recall.
We arrived in Indiana Monday evening to the house I grew up in that was then my families house, and is now my sister's house. It feels strange. I feel like an intruder. I did not expect to feel this way.
I was well aware that my hometown is no longer "home" to me, but I was not prepared for the house to feel so foreign and almost hostile.
I have been very much enjoying having time with my sister, so I know it's not that. It puzzles me.
I went to the park last night and sat for about an hour. That, at least, felt familiar and welcoming.
Tomorrow is the rehearsal, Saturday is the wedding, and Sunday morning we head back out west where we belong. Our family and friends have been wonderful, but Indiana itself seems to be done with us.

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