Tuesday, May 24, 2011

False Alarm

I said a while back that I was going to start blogging again, but I planned and the gods laughed. I was not, at that time, able to come back home with the girls because the job that H.H. had fell through, and we want one of us here at home with the girls full time. He now has a job that looks like it will become full time. Also, I just cannot afford the 35 mile commute to my job at $4 a gallon for the 1 or 2 days I planned to cut down to and so we pulled the trigger and I am back home again. I have been back for a few weeks, but I have been getting my house back in order (H.H. did a GREAT job as a stay-at-home-Dad, but Mom clean is different than Dad clean) and getting my own grooming salon here at the house rolling full time again. I also started selling jewelry direct sales. Needless to say it has been nuts, and when I was still at Petco I was grooming 7 days between here and there plus jewelry shows once or even twice a week and so the blog fell by the wayside. I have thought of several things during those weeks that made me say to myself, "I wish I could put that on Hippie Witch", and realized how much I missed it. So here I am, hopefully for reals this time, and it may still be sporadic for a bit, but I'm back in the blogging saddle! Beyond that, I look back at the past year, without blogging being part of my life, and it just wasn't as much FUN. So here's to blogging, fun, and being back home again in Indiana!

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