Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Garden Round-Up

OMG! I decide to blog again, and I can't log into Blogger for a few days! That, paired with the fact my Mom and her new husband (who is SUPER-AWESOME) were here the last week has put me off my blogging "restart". Oh well, onward and upward. Here's the May Garden Update.
It rained all week, so the garden is doing GREAT and Ladybug has eaten a few strawberries from the garden, she even shared with Mojo! We have the 2nd phase of the garden in full swing. 
We had a few herbs come back up, and added a few. I have had to cut back the peppermint and chives to keep them from taking over.

The Hoop Box we put up last Spring was planted back in March and we have had lettuce and spinach. There are radishes, carrots, kale, peas, and finally beans starting up.

The squirrels have been stealing the beans we plant, but the last batch came up and I will be planting another round in another box this week. 
We have 5 Square Foot boxes, including the kids box, 3 trough boxes, 2 of which have squash and zucchini, (1 waiting till next year for corn, I didn't get it filled early enough) and a pumpkin box. Notice the White Trash toilet flower planter...I couldn't help myself! 
You can see in this pic the pumpkin box, and in the back by the composter the remains of the chicken coop. I am heartbroken to report we were misinformed about the ordinance for chickens in city limits and we had to give them up last summer. We are going to try to turn it into a mini-greenhouse for seedlings after our success with the Hoop Box. I will keep you posted when we tackle that in the fall.
Our neighbor gave us some starts of purple potatoes, I can't wait to make purple mashed potatoes!!!!!
We planted some boarders around the property line on 2 sides and the part behind the garden has 2 raspberry that hopefully will fruit next year. 
We had just gotten the garden rolling last year when I went back to work, and it fell to the wayside after that, so this year I hope I can stay on it. Mojo is old enough to come out and "help" so it's super-fun out there with the girls!
Hopefully it gets a little bigger, and a little better every year, since I am just stumbling along and learning as we go. Any tips and tricks?

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