Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I know it's Wordless Wednesday, but this needs a little explanation...
The Hubs and I have joined a group called Belegarth which does Medieval fighting with foam weapons.  A good friend of ours came down for practice last night, and I posted some pictures of them 'fighting'. A friend of that friend almost immediately Photo shopped them and made the swords Light Sabers.  Without a doubt, this made the Hubs night, and he is still smiling about it this morning! Now, here are a few more pics, sans Light Sabers, although there was a band of Hobbits who attacked.

Happy Wednesday!


Jana said...

Oh ! What fun. I wanna play. I am showing my age here, but I adored my light sabers when I was a little tomboy !

Hippie Witch said...

it was a ball, and that pic was the icing on the cake!

Brian V. Laws said...

I like, I think it's the last pic of them attacking the cam with the fake hammers! Cute as all!

I'm stealing your button btw...just fyi before I did it later!


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