Friday, April 2, 2010

Home school Review

First off, Mrs. B over at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom posted a great list of resources for Pagan parents on her blog.  We use Pagan Moonbeams and just discovered Pooka Pages.  Check out the list, and let me know about other good spots.
Secondly, I had the nicest chat at the hardware store yesterday with a man whose grandkids were all home schooled, and just lit up when we told him we home school Jiji.  His oldest grandson apprenticed and became a often do you hear that!  It was so awesome to talk to some one who got so excited that we were taking our kids education in our own hands, and to get such random encouragement.  We have always been lucky in that I have never had a 'bad' reaction from people over home schooling, and have only gotten into one 'argument' about it, that was shut down when I asked the teenage boy how many kids he had to be such an expert... Most people I talk to are mildly surprised, curious, or have really good questions.  I am finding that it is way more common around here than I thought.  Most likely because Indiana's home school requirements are among the most relaxed in the country...pretty much just keep an attendance record and you will most likely never be asked to even show that to anyone!
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