Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Message

Good Morning!
The Faun
Iris of the Rainbows
The Singers of Healing, inverted

Natural Magick is swirling up in our lives.  Enjoy it, allow it to work and flow.  Dance it, sing it, trust it.  Light is breaking, and although there will be more storms, we survived this one, and found brightness and beauty in it's wake.  The dance of the lightning through a storm dark sky, the music of the rain on the roof and the wind in the trees.  The Sun paints a rainbow on the dissipating clouds.  A storm can be a blessing.  Those storms, hard as they are, blow the dead wood away it we let them, but we have to let them.  Let the cleansing wind clear out a space for seeds of the future, and let the storm water those seeds.  The things we cling to out of habit or fear are the things that weigh us down.  If your arms are filled with burdens and baggage, how can you embrace the Song of Healing?  Open up to healing, and open up to the gift of the storm, and sing.

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