Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shopping trip

Went to the fabric store today to get supplies for my 2nd round of making pocket diapers. I hope I will be able to get them done before the Hubs goes back out on the road so he can run interference w/Mojo while I am sewing. I was irrationally nervous about spending the $$ for the fabric and stuff to make dipes. I know that it was less than I would spend in a few weeks on disposables, but I always feel guilty when I spend more than $20 at a time. I know once I have enough pockets to get through a day I will not need the 'sposies, and right now they seem free to me because I am still using ones I got at the baby shower when I run out of pockets. I am also hoping I can save up enough $$ in my Hippie Witch fund to buy stuff to make slings, nurseing covers, and maybe dipes to sell at the town festival in August and then online once I perfect my pattern for the dipes. I have always wanted to do this, make things for my family, be creative and maybe even make a little $$ at it as well. My problem has always been I have too many ideas, too many directions I want to go in and then I just end up going nowhere. Have stayed focused on this goal for a while, maybe I can make something really happen. I just want to find a way to turn one of my obsessions into a way to make $$, enjoy it, and stay home w/my kids.

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