Saturday, June 6, 2009

Almost time...

In a few short days I will be having a c section and my 2nd child will finally be here! It has been a long road, and although it should have fueled furious blogging, I just didn't. I was on complete and strict bedrest for quite a while there, and was just too down to reach out into the world. I am freed from bed now, because if the contractions I have been having for months turn into 'real' labor the baby is ready to come now. All that remains now is furious nesting which could not be done during bed rest, made even more frantic by the fact my Mom is coming 4 days after baby to see for the 1st time what we have done with my childhood home...gulp! Mixed blessing #2...husband was laid off work just as I was put on strict bedrest, and so we were at least getting unemployment while he had to be here as full time Daddy to me and our 4 yr old. Lay off sucks, unpaid leave sucks more! But now the end is near, he is looking for a new job because this is 2nd lay off, plus after being home so much in the past 6 weeks he doesn't really want to go back on the road. Baby Mojo will be here in 5 days, and I just plain HAVE to believe that light at the end of the tunnel is not a train coming to mow us down!

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