Monday, June 8, 2009

Mother Moon

For a lot of reasons that would take pages and pages to document, I have been putting off doing a ritual to mark the "Mother" phase of my Preistesshood. I have been a mother in the practical sense since I married my husband nearly 7 years ago and gained a stepdaughter, and have since had a biological child and am pregnant. I, however, did not feel that my path had entered the 'Mother' phase yet, until early this year. After much thinking, planning, and consulting, the big, formal ritual I thought I wanted with many friends in the circle fell apart, and every thing I planned on my own just did not come together. My child will be born by c section on Thursday, and I felt strongly I should mark this transition while pregnant. So, last night as the moon rose, my husband and I sat around the fire pit in out back yard and as the moon rose above the trees in the park behind our house I decided to wing it, and a ritual was born organically as I was moved by Divine to do what I needed to mark my trandition from Maiden to Mother in the service of the Lady. Man plans, god laughs. Truer words have never been spoken. I cannot imagine how a big, showy ritual could have meant more to me than the quite communion I shared with the moon by that fire last night, my beloved husband close at my side.

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