Monday, June 29, 2009

18 days old

Have not been on, too busy falling in love w/my new baby girl...and breastfeeding...and washing cloth diapers! The whole cloth diapering experience has been interesting so far. I made 8 fleece pocket diapers. We had some leakage issues, and so they evolved into diaper covers with the inserts moved from the pocket to in next to Mojo's skin. This worked better, but still a little leakage from the leg holes. Today I used the last of my elastic to sew a second gusset into the sides of 4 of the diapers and this had worked much better today. I hope in the next few days to make a trip to the fabric store to make a second go at it, w/the new ideas. Will also make them "medium" w/velcro crossover tabs so they will fit for a while, the "small" are a bit too small and will not fit much longer. Part of me wishes I had the $$ to just order some AIO diapers from somewhere, but a bigger part is really enjoying this process and is wildly proud I change Mojo's pretty yellow diaper and the mess was well contained. The 8 I made are only enough to get through the day, now that they are "covers" and I can just change the insert for some smaller changes, and at night we use the disposables we got at the shower, we have not yet had to buy 'sposies. Once I get a good pattern/system figured out I hope we can go fully cloth. The fact my husband will go back to work next week will give me more funds for those fabric store trips!

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