Friday, June 14, 2013

Meditation Bowl

I have been lost for a while now. Let me be clear, I have chosen to remain lost, to some extent, for a while now. Some of this has been out of my control and remains so, and has been steadily improving with the help of my doctor. Some of this has been my choice to not nurture the light in my life, and a choice to wallow in the quicksand of my dark thoughts.

I am taking a step now, to bring daily meditation and prayer back into a place of priority in my life. I used to be really good at this. I used to meditate for at least one short session a day, and prayer was second nature, like a commentary to Divine in my head.
Now, I have to remind myself to pray even once a day. Is it the worst crime of my battle with depression and anxiety that I allowed my connection to my faith and spirit be damaged, and took so long to repair it.

But, repair it I will, and I am taking a step today to re-establish my meditative practice. I am making a Meditation Bowl, and I encourage you to do the same if you wish to establish or strengthen your own meditative practice.

The Mayo Clinic has this to say about meditation:

Benefits of meditation
Meditation and emotional well-being
When you meditate, you clear away the information overload that builds up every day and contributes to your stress.
  • Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations
  • Building skills to manage your stress
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Focusing on the present
  • Reducing negative emotions
Meditation and illness
Meditation also might be useful if you have a medical condition, especially one that may be worsened by stress. While a growing body of scientific research supports the health benefits of meditation, some researchers believe it's not yet possible to draw conclusions about the possible benefits of meditation.
Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance that benefits both your emotional well-being and your overall health. And these benefits don't end when your meditation session ends. Meditation can help carry you more calmly through your day and can even improve certain medical conditions.
The emotional benefits of meditation include:
With that in mind, some research suggests that meditation may help such conditions as:

  • Allergies
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Asthma
  • Binge eating
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Pain
  • Sleep problems
  • Substance abuse
With this in mind, and knowing how much taking the time to meditate has helped me in the past, I am taking this step to make a visual and emotional cue to both remind me to meditate, and help me get to that head space for peace and thoughtfulness.

The Meditation Bowl

  • small bowl
  • Sea Salt
  • tea light or votive candle and holder
  • tumbled stones for meditation or root chakra (amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, aquamarine, turquoise, black obsidian, hematite, etc.)
Cleanse the bowl and stones, then sprinkle 3 pinches of salt in the bottom of the bowl. Add the candle and stones, then place in a high traffic place in your home where it will be seen every day. Try to meditate, concentrating on the lit candle in the bowl, for as little as a few minutes a day to get into the habit of mindfulness and meditation. Let me know about your meditative practices, and check back for guided meditations! 

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