Sunday, October 16, 2011

Profound Dark

I must admit, this latest bout with depression took me lower than I have ever been. I feel like all I have done in the past few months has been yell or cry. I got out of bed everyday, showered, dressed, took care of my kids and Dad, groomed dogs and went back to bed the second the Hubs came home from work. I couldn't even meditate, and every prayer became a sobbing mess.
With the help of my sweet husband, a new doctor, and a therapist, I feel like I am coming back to myself. I have been concentrating on my fiction writing projects in the last month, and it has given my the confidence to return to the blog. The Hubs and I even started a new blog and a YouTube channel about our geeky gaming interests. He is off work due to injuring his shoulder at work(which, by the way his boss it trying to deny his workmans comp. claim, even though there was a witness to the accident) and needed a project. Here are the links if you have interest in gaming. 
The Couple of Geeks YouTube Channel
If not, I hope to be back here more. I was in a dark, dark place and could not see or feel the Magick in my life, let alone write about it. I have a death grip on it now, and am hopefully am moving back to a place where I do not have to hold on so tightly.
Brightest Blessings


Anonymous said...

It's good to hear you are emerging from the darkness with the help of yourself and your family. Hopefully you are coming out a wiser woman?

Vixx said...

I like to think I have, I have always tried to learn from every experience, no matter how painful.

Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again...

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