Friday, October 28, 2011

Dirty Little Secret Circle

I'm not gonna lie, I am loving this show.
Of course Magickally it's bullshit, but I love it for the same reasons I loved Passions when it was on NBC. It's a ridiculous guilty pleasure.
Maybe I'm supposed to be all up in arms about how my "culture" is portrayed in movies and TV, but I love most of the cheesy witch themed crap that Hollywood churns out.
I love Hocus Pocus, The Craft, I was bummed when the Witches of Eastwick show was cancelled. My love for witchy stereotypes is well known. My Mom, who is a Christian but is absolutely open and supportive of my Paganism sent me this care package for Halloween.
here's the back of the necklace.
So there it is. I'm that guy. 
I will say, however, that I feel it is better to own hundreds of years of sterotypes than to fight them. In my experience it has started a lot of conversations that were useful in educating people about the true nature of us "dirty Pagans" when there is a familiar common ground. So take it how you will, hate it if you must, but don't dismiss a great guilty pleasure just because it makes you feel a little too guilty.

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greekwitch said...

I love it too. I am currently also watching supeRnatural, vampire diaries, true blood, anything that has some sort of connection to witchcraft and the supernatural. I was also frustrated when they cancelled the witches of eastwick and i know all the dialogs by heart of all the seasons of charmed.

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