Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Potato Harvest

I spent a good chunk of the afternoon clearing out the garden today, and that included harvesting the purple potatoes I got from the neighbors in the spring.

 We got between 5-10 pounds, after I took out the little ones for seed potatoes. Not too bad since I got them totally free and pretty much threw them on the ground in the garden box, right on top of the grass, and pretty much ignored them till yesterday. I started to dig them up yesterday, but was interrupted by two stray dogs that the neighbor corralled in her back yard and I helped her get on leashes, then kept them in the grooming shop till the Humane officer and their owner came to get them back. So, I finished up today, actually got the grass and weeds out of the box, then reseeded it and moved my hoop house setup over that box. 

I am going to try to get/find/barter/buy some more Visqueen so I can hoop another box and try another March planting next year. If I can get it this week, I might even try for one more round of peas/lettuce/spinach under a hoop for the season. For now, the boxes are cleaned out, the composter is overflowing, and I am looking forward to purple mashed potatoes!

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