Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Message

Brightest Blessings for the week ahead! Time again for the Monday Message.  Let's see what the Faeries want us to know for this week.
The Soul Shrinker
Mickle a Muckle, inverted

We are all one, beings of energy united in a holistic Universe.  We are all each a Universe unto ourselves, and the smaller the Universe, the harder it is to achieve balance.  Unity tells us to work on inner wholeness and resolve conflict within ourselves to be a healthier part of the whole.  This can be hard with the Soul Shrinker right there in the middle, yelling all the bad tings we think about ourselves right into our ear.  We need to get him out of there, and out of our hearts.  Banish that curse energy by taking responsibility for ourselves, especially how we think and feel about ourselves and stop blaming others for our own damning self-talk.  A wiser woman than I said, no one can make you feel inferior without your let's stop giving permission!  Mickle a Muckle is hanging out there at the bottom, chastising us for listening to all that junk the Soul Shrinker told us.  He reminds us it is immature and self centered to be spending this much time wallowing in our self pity when we could be moving forward and working on making things better in our hearts and lives.

Go out into this week and strive to make yourself happy, the rest of the Universe is counting on you!

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Sajaha said...

Hey I love Brian and Wendy Froud's work! Their paintings and drawings are fantastic!

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