Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Message

Good Monday morning to you all! On a former blog and mailing list I had a feature for the days Faery focus, in which I did a mini reading from my Faery Oracle cards for a general focus for that day for my readers. I have been (finally) reading again and thought I would start the Faery Focus readings back up on this blog. Well that was when I had one kid, fewer critters around the house, and was not running my own business, so now I am shooting for a weekly focus lol.  So, without further ado, here is what the Faeries would like you to know and work on this week...
The three cards are Nelys the Alchemist, inverted
Flaff the Flooter, inverted

Nelys is here to help us, but we are all getting in her way, and are our own worst enemies and biggest road blocks right now.  She is nudging us in the right direction, but we are swatting her away like a fly, and she is about to use that big old wand she is holding to herd us a little more 'forcefully', so we might want to get moving on our own. The third card is Flaff, who is also working hard to help Nelys get us on the Path. He speaks to the part of us who may feel that nudge from Nelys, and fly off into the clouds in a flurry in search of dreams.  Flaff is here to remind us that it is a good idea to follow dreams, but a better idea to learn how to fly before we take off up there. If we don't do the work first and know how to soar,  it is a long way back down, and a rocky landing.  Between them is Himself.  He energizes both his partner cards in the reading, and wants to do the same for us.  He is the Shaman, and the powers of healing and creativity swirl around him.  He not only wants us on this new Path, he wants to dance with us along it. Dance with Himself, and you might be surprised by what shakes loose from within you.

That is the first of our Monday Messages...and by the way the blue thing in the corner of the picture is my new, snuggly card bag. I LOVE it, it was hand crocheted and I bought it at Tree of Life in Chesterfield. It looks like it was made of Muppet fur lol. My Faeries are very warm and cozy in there, and it is a reward to them for me neglecting them for soooooo long.  Here is a closer look.
Have a Blessed week!


Anastasia said...

I loved your reading. I have those cards as well. I also love their new little home. It is beautiful.


Hippie Witch said...

How awesome are those cards! I have had them a few years...they are glad to have a home cool enough for them now

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