Saturday, March 13, 2010

Flock update week 1

Hiyas all! I wanted to post an week 1 update on our ducklings and chicks. We are really liking it so far...especially the ducklings daily swim in the shop tub. The ducklings are not as social as I hoped, and seem to kind of hate us, but the chicks are very sweet and like to be held by us. It is amazing to me how much they have changed in the past week, especially the ducks who seem to have grown a lot in such a short time! The chicks have all lost their egg teeth and their combs are starting to come in. I am still figuring, based on internet research, that we have 2 cockerels and 4 pullets...which means we will be able to keep 4, since our city ordinance is no roosters. We will have to see if our predictions come to pass. The neighbors lost one chick. They said it seemed weak from the get go, and they tried to nurse him along but lost him. They will be butchering last years chickens this weekend, as they got 'mutt' chicks last year at the feed store and did not get 1 egg out of the bunch of them. The Barred Rocks are supposed to be good layers, so we should be set for eggs as soon as they are old enough. That's all for now, I will post an update weekly, and am going to try to start blogging again regularly soon. Lots in the works! Blessings!


Dessa said...

Awwweee, they are all so cute!! It is hard to remember that my chickens were ever that small. Thanks for sharing the video. The ducklings taking a bath were just adorable.

Bridgett said...

Your daughter is adorable. And so are the chicks and ducks! It's a shame the ducks are being so anti-social though. Boo!

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