Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Waiting for Spring...

I am not a paitient person. This is just a fact, and a fact anyone who knows me even a little bit will agree with. I am at this time practically counting the hours until the last frost date so that I can start putting my seedlings in the dirt. Next to waiting for my baby to be born, it is the thing I am most obsessed with in life right now. Garden planning and preparation have replaced nesting with this pregnancy, and my house is messy but my garden just about ready to go! I went against Drs orders and shovled compost out of the bin and into my containers Sunday, I am still sore! A few more containers, which I will have to buy either peat or compost for because I am just about out of my own, and I will have a spot for everything I am planning to put in. The beds are ready, unless I change my mind again and do stawberries in a bed instead of getting a strawberry jar, and one bed needs the rock border. I will wait and let my husband do the rocks, they are way over my 10lb weight limit! I am even worse now that the weather is so nice. It is tempting to put out seedlings, but the nights are still getting really low temps and I do not want to tempt fate to snow on us one more time here in Central Indiana. I saw an article about using plastic bottles with the bottoms cut off as little mini greenhouses and since I have so many tomato seedlings I am tempted to put out one or two like that and see if they do well. I will keep you posted if I decide to possibly sacrifice one of my little tomatoes to this experiment. Off to Google to research! HW

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