Friday, March 13, 2009

Death to ants!

We had a few beautiful, warm days here in Indiana, and while I enjoyed them greatly, they seemed to have woken up the ants! Therefore, when it became cold again, the ants all came in to live at my house. I found a few homemade ant killers/repellants and have put my death to ants campaign into motion. They have seemed to set up camp in my daughters bathroom, which she will now not use caus ethe ants creep her out so they have to go. So far I am wiping things down every day with equal parts vinegar and water, because it disrupts the scent trail, and I sprinkled cinnamon behind the sink and toilet because it repels them. I have seen recepies for Borax and syrup to kill them, but I know the dogs would be in it, and possibley my daughter as well so I am going to just try to keep on it so I can have my own bathroom back!

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