Thursday, January 24, 2013

Feathering the nest

Here we are, day 4 in our tiny new home, and it's the first day that the Hubs went in to work and left Mojo, the dogs, and I here to really settle in. Yesterday Hubs and I fixed the leaking water line, and so we had the place completely torn apart. We could barely walk around, let alone get anything organized. So, today I put everything away, and threw out or rearranged the things left by the former owners. I found a spot for everything we brought, and cleared out spaces for more of our stuff to come out of the storage unit where it is now.

It has been extremely calming to me. I feel very in control of my little corner of the universe. Everything is clean and put away, and I could get up and put my hands on anything in 30 seconds. I pulled all the crumbling wallpaper off the walls in the bathroom and kitchen, and am hoping my Mom and I can paint when she comes up here this weekend. 

I am actually dreading going back to Hereford next week. It's like I have a little bubble of safety here and am afraid to go back to my Mom's where I have less control. We agreed that it will be best for Mojo and I to go back and forth until Jilly finishes school, but I am not feeling it right now. Maybe when the novelty wears off I will feel differently, but I have already felt the positive mental shift I was hoping for with downsizing to the RV and I am clinging to it for dear life.

Yesterday was rough, because of several reasons that include the place being torn up and having no where to really go to get away from it, and not really eating because I couldn't get to the "kitchen". There was also issues with having to move my Dad into a new Memory Care facility. Melted down on a nuclear level.The best hour I had yesterday was spent in the laundry room at the club house, enjoying the quiet and reading magazines.

But for now I am sitting in my comfy little nest, listening to the light rain and looking at the mountains that surround the Gila Valley.

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